He Said What?! Find Out What Juan Pablo Said to Clare!


Last night's season finale of The Bachelor was a shocker, to say the least.  From the super awkward final rose ceremony, to Juan Pablo's behavior on After the Final Rose, the hits just kept coming.

Despite his normal narcissistic and callous behavior, the episode REALLY seemed to start it's downhill slide with the Helicopter Whisper Heard Round the World.

During Clare and Juan Pablo's final date, Clare, usually googly eyed and completely smitten, became visibly upset at something whispered to her during a brief moment where cameras and microphones were turned off.  As they prepared to exit the helicopter, Juan saw an opportunity to tell her something no one would hear -- and instead of sweet nothings...it was crude somethings.

Although Clare later let herself be swayed back to Team Pablo, the rose ceremony rejection had her singing a different tune.  However  she still refused to say WHAT it was that good ol' Juan whispered when no one was listening.

According to an US Weekly source, Juan whispered, "I don't know you, but I love f---ing you".


Seriously -- if Nikki isn't running for the hills, she needs to take a good hard look at her situation and the man she is professing to love.

Sorry, Juan Pablo.  Juanuary is over, and we all want our last 8 weeks back.

Photo:  ABC