Bachelor Finale NOT Okay, Juan Pablo "Likes" Winner "A Lot"


In the most shocking Bachelor finale to date, one finalist stormed out of the final rose ceremony and the other, expecting a proposal, was told by Juan Pablo, "I like you a lot".

After meeting Juan Pablo's family and daughter, Clare and Nikki each had one last overnight date.  In a head spinning turn of events, Clare became upset when Juan Pablo whispered something to her when the cameras and microphones were turned off.  Although she refused to state exactly WHAT he said, she led us to believe it was crude, of sexual nature, and had to do with something that they did in the Fantasy Suite.

NOT exactly the love proclamation Clare was expecting.

She then let herself be swayed by a not apologetic, but talking in circles Juan Pablo, and although her gut told her to leave, she stayed and hoped for a proposal.

That proposal never came.

After gushing her heart out to Juan, he casually told Clare she was not the one for him.  As she stormed off set, she threw out her final insult, stating that her children deserved a better father than Galavis.

Galavis' reply?

"I'm glad I didn't pick HER".

Nikki, hopeful, in love, and sweating profusely, was told by Juan that while he had a ring in his pocket, he would NOT be using it.

But there's a consolation prize -- he likes her.  A LOT.

The episode ended with a very awkward kiss while Nikki tried to hide her disappointment and upper lip sweat.

After the Final Rose was even more awkward.

Clare politely refused to see Juan Pablo, straying from the usual ATFR format.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that although Juan Pablo was the MOST demanded Bachelor ever, TWO women left abruptly and the finalist won't even LOOK at him?  There is something seriously wrong with this guy.

There was visible tension between Chris Harrison and Galavis, who was blatantly rude and is clearly over this whole process.  He and Nikki had a lackluster reunion, where he revealed that he still, "likes her a lot".

Nikki clung to his arm like brainless arm candy, which was both sad and disappointing to see.

There are no plans for either to relocate, as Juan explained that their plans were canceled after he was given some information from producers at the Women Tell All taping.  What exactly that information was, and why it would change his plans with Nikki he would not say.

I'm thinking he's a liar.

I give the couple two weeks.