Celebrities Tweet New Year's Messages

stars tweet new years messages

Happy 2014! Some of our favorite celebrities turned to social media to share their well-wishes with their fans as one year ended and another began.

Blake Shelton is just looking out for you, "Happy New Year freaks!!!!! Please be safe... If something happens to y'all your parents will never let me hear the end if it."

Jimmy Fallon, "I heard 2014 is gonna be even more fun than 2013. #HappyNewYear #BabyNewYear" Check out this adorable photo of his daughter that he posted to Instgram.

Kim Kardashian kept it pretty low-key, "I hope everyone has a safe New Years tonight! Nothing better than spending it with family & friends playing board games ;-)" She also posted an image of her daughter clutching her mama's BIG diamond - see that photo here.

P!nk kept it real, "Wishing all of u out there a year full of moments that take your breath away+time to reflect and feel gratitude for the blessings we have.."

Lady Gaga gave a "gift" of song, "Happy New Years Twitterverse, I wish you a beautiful and happy 2014, I wanted to start little monsters 2014 with a surprise so...Here's 'Do What U Want feat. Christina Aguilera' STUDIO Version. http://smarturl.it/DoWhatUWantX  pink champagne, gold lame, hair, and fearlessness."

Ashton Kutcher, "Happy New Year. Make generous resolutions! Fight for love! And don't take anything too seriously. Xo ak"

Ellen DeGeneres joked, "I'm not a person who makes New Yr's resolutions, but this year I want to commit. I won't make resolutions this yr. Hope you'll keep me to it"

David Spade clearly doesn't care what you did last night, "Hey no pictures or videos of fireworks tonight please, thanks. signed, everyone on Twitter Instagram and Facebook"  In case you change your mind ... we've got those amazing videos.

Conan O'Brien, "Friends are asking about my New Year’s plans, but drinking off-brand gin & browsing LaneBryant.com  isn’t really something you plan."

Steve Martin, "It's New Year's Eve! Don't forget to set your clocks back."

Photo Credit: WENN