Cute Kid Alert: Nori West Smiles

cute kid alert nori west smiles

Kim Kardashian posted a decidedly sweet Instagram photo of her adorable six-month-old daughter North West on Monday, much to the delight of her 11.8 million followers.

In the image we see dark eyed Nori rocking some incredibly long lashes.  Kim has her decked out in a white sweater and clutching a soft blanket in a matching hue.  The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' celeb captioned the shot, "SMILE."

Kendall Jenner re-tweeted the pic on social media with this clarification, "Photo creds to meee."

During a fan Q&A session on Mobio Insider yesterday, Kim told her followers, "Never lose time for you.  Go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel good so you can go home and be a good happy mom."

proud parents

Meanwhile, Kim's fiance Kanye West continues to take flak for his controversial radio comments.  An Ohio police chief posted an open letter to the rapper on the department's Facebook page, after West suggested that some of his moves on stage make his job as dangerous as that of a cop or a soldier.

Read the open letter here.

Photo:  Instagram-Kim Kardashian