Guy Fieri Brawl with Hairdresser Caught on Tape

guy fieri

Food Network star Guy Fieri got into an alcohol-fueled altercation Saturday night with his hairdresser and the incident was captured on tape.

Stylist Ariel Ramirez landed at San Francisco International Airport with Guy and his manager after the trio had tipped a few alcoholic beverages during the flight.

While heading away from the airport in a car service SUV, Guy allegedly ordered the driver to stop.  He and Ramirez immediately engaged in a profanity-laced brawl.

TMZ obtained the video that shows the hair guy punching Fieri through the open window while cussing up a blue streak.  Guy is seen kicking Ariel as he cries uncontrollably.  Guy's manager got out of the car, hailed a cab and accompanied the hairdresser to their final destination.

The celebrity chef's publicist claims, "It was a bunch of guys just messing around.  Things got a little out of hand, but they're all good now."

Fieri testified briefly Monday at the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael at the trial of alleged Lamborghini thief and attempted murderer Max Wade.  The chef's bright-yellow vehicle, valued at $200,000, was stolen in 2011 by the 19-year-old in a "Mission Impossible"-style heist to impress a girl.

Fight video here - warning for explicit language.

Photo Credit: Guy Fieri Twitter