Ellen Dances on "So You Think You Can Dance" Finale (VIDEO)

ellen and twitch on so you think you can dance

Ellen DeGeneres made a surprise guest appearance on the "So You Think You Can Dance" season seven finale.

DeGeneres and season four runner-up Stephen tWitch" Boss recreated the popular hip-hop dance that contestant Alex Wong performed earlier this season.

Wong, one of the frontrunner's this season, made an unexpected exit this week due to a lacerated Achilles tendon.

"It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m so grateful to even be here in the first place, when I look at the big picture. It’s very hard, but I believe everything happens for a reason, and so I have to keep my head up high," Alex said in an interview after his elimination.

"SYTYCD finale tonight.  Broke my heart when Alex had to drop out. Tonight, I do something and I hope it makes him smile,"  DeGeneres posted on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

"Don't miss the SYTYCD finale tonight. I'm going to do something special for Alex," she Tweeted just before the show aired on the East Coast.

After the show, Ellen Tweeted, "I had 2 goals tonight. Not to trip while I was dancing with Twitch & to make Alex smile. I think I accomplished both."

This season's SYTYCD winner was Lauren FrodermanKent Boyd came in second, while Rober Roldan finished in third place.

Watch Ellen "So You Think You Can Dance" video below.