Jennifer Lyon Survivor Palau Cast Member Dies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

jennifer lyon survior palau contestant dies

Jennifer Lyon 1972-2010

Survivor Palau cast member Jennifer Lyon, who appeared on the show from February to May 2005, died of breast cancer at her Oregon home on Tuesday, January 19.  She was 37.

The reality show star noticed a thickening that didn't seem normal in her right breast in 2004.  She chalked it up to scar tissue from her breast implants and did not seek medical evaluation until filming of Survivor wrapped in December 2004.

Doctors determined that Jennifer had stage-three cancer.  She opted for a modified mastectomy, along with chemo and the drug tamoxifen to prevent a recurrence of the cancer cells.  She battled the disease for five years before her death.

Fellow cast-mate Ian Rosenberger said, "She has been the model of grace, and has been so brave."

Lyon, who came in fourth in the Survivor Palau competition, was the first cast member to die.  Crew member Alton Desiree died from drowning while the show was filming in Brazil.

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