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The above photo was taken at a party in the spring. It shows Lane Kiffin, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, and Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves chatting up some co-eds.

According to sources, former Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin fraternized with co-eds often, and did more than just knock back a few beers with them.

Sources tell us that boosters maintained a downtown apartment in Knoxville that was commonly referred to as Kiffin’s “rendezvous place.”

Sources also say that following the Tennessee-Western Kentucky game, a local sports bar opened the doors for the coach, some of the boosters and several co-eds late at night. Afterward, Kiffin and a few of the boosters and co-eds left the club to continue their fun at the downtown apartment.

In an unrelated incident, we have also received information that in true Tiger Woods fashion, Kiffin was allegedly driving a vehicle provided by Lexus of Knoxville and was involved in a car accident. Several co-eds were in the car, and Kiffin — who had been drinking, was picked up by a neighbor and left the girls at the scene. The car was reportedly returned to the dealership the next day with extensive damage. (Calls to the dealership owner have not been returned)