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How many more will there be? A fourth woman has come forward in the Tiger Woods affair scandal. Jamie Jungers, a 26-year-old from Las Vegas, is coming prepared and has already obtained a lawyer.

Our friends at TMZ outed the latest mistress. Unlike the other women, this affair did not begin in Sin City but instead very near Tiger’s home in Orlando.

When did the alleged trysts begin? The young woman claims that she and Woods hooked up back in 2004 when she was twenty-years-old and they reportedly continued to see each other for another 2 years.

The former cocktail waitress, we’re seeing a pattern here, has hired Michael O’Quinn as her lawyer. He plans to go public soon with his clients story. Note to Tiger: this is where you step in and offer her money for her silence.

Mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, reportedly were paid for their silence the evening before a scheduled news conference. Mistress #2 Jaimee Grubbs has likely gotten too far down the media train to be hushed – her loss for sure. We must admit we’re totally in the dark on the identity of a third mistress but will take TMZ‘s word about that one.

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See photos of Jamie Jungers below.

Photo: WENN