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New York officials released the body of DJ AM to his family on Saturday. A private funeral for Goldstein was held on Wednesday at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary in West L.A. A public memorial service will be held Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Hollywood Palladium. The celebration of life will be in the style of an open 12-step meeting.

The invitation message, “Adam’s friends both from his life in recovery, as well as those from other areas of this life are welcome. We ask only that everyone adhere to the tradition of anonymity and let what they hear there, and who they see there, stay there.”

Adam Goldstein was reportedly taking Xanax and other anxiety medication to treat the ongoing psychological effects he has suffered from the Learjet crash last year in South Carolina that claimed the lives of four people. He had been given prescriptions to combat his fear of flying and was also reportedly suffering from a post traumatic disorder and from a condition known as ‘survivor guilt’. The drugs are reported to have triggered a “recent” relapse in his decade long sobriety.

DJ AM reportedly started missing appointments and acting erratically in recent weeks. The behavior was so startling that his West Coast manager and addiction recovery sponsor flew from L.A. to NYC on a red eye flight Wednesday night to confront their friend and colleague. Goldstein refused to let his manager into his apartment but did let his recovery sponsor pay him a visit on Thursday.

Goldstein promised his sponsor that he would check himself into rehab after his scheduled Las Vegas gig slated for Friday night at the Palms Casino Resort. DJ AM never made the flight to Sin City, which caused his travel companions to alert police, who discovered his body along with small plastic bags filled with Vicodin, oxycodone, Xanax and lorazepam strewn about in his apartment.

He reportedly had ingested eight OxyContin pills that were found in his stomach, and one was discovered in his mouth, according to a law enforcement source. The officer said, “He wanted to die. He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He didn’t even swallow it.” According to the New York City Coroner’s Office, toxicology test results will take several weeks.

Goldstein’s girlfriend, model Hayley Wood, has shot down rumors that suggested their recent breakup was a direct result of his use of drugs. She claims that fact had “absolutely nothing to do with their recent break-up.” View photos of the couple here.

DJ had a collection of over 700 Nike sneakers and had recently worked with the shoe giant to design a limited edition Dunk shoe with his logo on the side. The launch is temporarily on hold while Nike works with Goldstein’s family to figure out the right way to market the Nike Dunk – see details and photos here.

View DJ AM funeral photos and memorial service photos and a recent video interview below.