Michael Vick Drinking Photo Controversy (VIDEO)

michael vick drinking photo

A report in the New York Post has sparked a mass search for an elusive photo showing Eagles QB Michael Vick sipping a Grey Goose vodka and pineapple juice cocktail in the Riverbend Bar & Grill restaurant at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott.  Actually there is no photo - only three eye witnesses who reported seeing him have one drink.

Vick, recently released after spending 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting operation, was reinstated by Commissioner Roger Goddell on July 27, 2009, reportedly with certain drug and alcohol restrictions.  When Vick's mentor, former NFL coach Tony Dungy was questioned about the drink incident, he responded, "He can't do that."

Not so fast Tony.  Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko stated yesterday that Vick is "not in conflict with terms of his probation or reinstatement with the NFL."  Look for Vick to play against the Jaguars on Thursday night, August 27.

View a report on Vick's progress in practice and the probability of playing on Thursday below.