Levi McConaughey in a Mini Wetsuit at Malibu Beach (PHOTOS)

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Actor and surfer dude Matthew McConaughey and his supermodel partner Camila Alves have been bringing their young son Levi Alves McConaughey to Malibu Beach since he was just a babe-in-arms.

The toddler turned one-year-old on July 7 and is now sure-footed, even in the sand.  He was photographed running along the beach on Saturday, dressed in a miniature wetsuit.  He will soon be joined by a sibling.

Matthew McConaughey made a special Father's Day announcement via his website, sharing the news that Camila is pregnant with the couples second child.  The new baby will make his or her debut at the end of the year.

View more Levi Alves McConaughey photos below.

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camila alves matthew mcconaughey and levi on malibu beach

Photos:  WENN