Chima Quits Big Brother (VIDEO)

chima simone

Chima leaves Big Brother

Chima Simone -- one of the most controversial contestants on Big Brother 11, has been very vocal about her displeasure with the reality show, making allegations that the show is rigged, and threatening the show's production company.

Her actions had become so erratic, that the August 13th "live" taping was pre-recorded.

During the live feed on August 15, Chima was in the backyard practicing for the upcoming veto competition with Kevin, Natalie and Lydia.  She was asked by producers to put her microphone on.  Natalie handed her the mic, which she promptly threw into the Jacuzzi.  She was then told to put on a new mic from the storage room, but again, refused.

The Houseguests were called into the living room for a meeting, where executive producer Allison Grodner informed Chima she would have to pay for the mic out of her weekly stipend.  Chima then reportedly had a meltdown and left the house, during which time the live feeds blacked out for over 90 minutes.

When the feeds returned, Chima was gone from the Big Brother house, along with her picture from the memory wall.

Although details are sketchy, one source reports:

This could have 'happened'..

Mike: Hey Guys, can you all come into the Livingroom please? We need to have a house meeting.

.... ... they speak .... ....

AG: You will be paying for the mic pack Chima, this will come out your Stipend.

Chima: You know what? ***** this *****. I'm outta here. love you, nat--you too Lydia. *throws something* (her mic?)

She presses the diary room button, it doesn't go green, she tries to pull the door open (EVERYONE is in the living room sitting down btw) and Chima says "don't ***** with me, open this damn door. NOW!"

Then Nat and Lydia want to leave with her, but production asks them to remain a moment..

AG: Everyone, PLEASE calm down!

Lydia gets up and tries to open the DR door, bangs on it, crying.

Chima was SCREAMING at AG! The entire control room was told to record everything in case something happened. Security may have been there too.


1.Chima is the first BB USA contestant to ever QUIT.
2.For the first time ever. No eviction week. (since BB2?)
3.America will be voting as the seventh vote at jury.
4.Chima has forfeited ALL stipend, and will not be at the Finale night.
5.They will be showing this on TV Tuesday. (Probably edited to hell--removing all the good stuff )?

Watch live feed video of Chima throwing her mic into the Jacuzzi below.

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