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The rumors that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite may bare fruit, so to speak. Photos and video evidence seem to confirm that she has a penis.

Gaga also allegedly came out of the closet as a hermaphrodite on her blog:

“Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesnt interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is that its not a big deal to me. like come on. its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big f***ing deal.

– L8d Gaga <3>”

Although the statement is attributed to Lady GaGa, we were unable to find any such entry on her blog, or in any interviews.

Lady GaGa has admitted to being bisexual, and says the song “Poker Face” deals with fantasizing about a woman while being in bed with a man.