Omer Bhatti Pictures: Michael Jackson's Secret Son (VIDEO)

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Omer Bhatti has had an upclose and personal connection with Michael Jackson for the past 13 years and is rumored to be his biological child.  The Norwegian singer was born to Pia Bhatti, who is said to have had a one-night-stand with the King of Pop which resulted in the conception of a son in 1984.

The Norwegian hip hop performer goes by the name O-Bee.  He reportedly first met Michael Jackson in 1996 and moved to Neverland Ranch in 1997 with his mother.  Early photos of Omer seem to resemble those of Blanket Jackson, raising some suspicion that the youngest Jackson may in fact be Michael's biological son as well.  Some are even suggesting that Pia Bhatti is Blanket Jackson's mother, making Omer and Blanket full biological siblings.

To add further credence to the claim that Bhatti is Jackson's child is the fact that he appears in home videos at Jackson birthday and holiday celebrations through the years and sat with them in the front row at the memorial service.

Will Michael Jackson's oldest sibling Rebbie Jackson be awarded custody of the children?   Some say yes.

View Joe Jackson admitting that Omer is Michael's son on video below.

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