OK! Magazine Michael Jackson Death Photo Featured On Cover

michael jackson recent london photos

It was bound to happen.  OK! Magazine reportedly paid $500,000 for the rights to use the death photo of Michael Jackson on the cover of their latest issue entitled Michael Jackson World Exclusive The Last Photos--on newsstands now.

While many may find the cover to be in bad taste, millions are gravitating to all of the salacious details surrounding the sudden death of the larger than life King of Pop.  We saw the same thing with the recent death of actor David Carradine.  People were drawn to the photos of the actor's lifeless body dangling in a closet.

Our top photo shows Jackson's last official appearance at a news conference in London, when his 50 concert engagement was announced some months ago.  He is reported to have 100 secret songs stashed away as a legacy to his children.  We are now hearing that there is another son - Omer Bhatti - photos here.

Is it a sign of the times or did OK! Magazine go too far?

Michael Jackson Memorial Service PHOTOS.

ok magazine michael jackson death photo

Top Photo:  WENN