Garth Brooks Sister Busted for Nude Streaking

betsy smittle photo

Country singer Garth Brooks' sister Betsy Smittle has found herself in a bit of trouble for streaking down the street.  Smittle, who has been diagnosed as bipolar, was said to have had a fight with her lesbian lover and went running from their home naked.

From 1989 to 1995 Betsy performed alongside her brother and remains close to Garth.  As recently as April, Brooks flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma when his sister suffered what is being called a "mini breakdown".

Neighbors called the police over the streaking incident, fearing that Betsy was suicidal.  After observing the situation, police determined that Betsy was not a danger to herself or anyone else.

Smittle spent two weeks in the hospital after her nude run and has told friends that she is having trouble finding the right medication.

We wish Betsy her family all the best!