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Barron Nicholas Hilton has managed to stay out of the media eye in the U.S., showing up primarily in the London tabloids. That is about to change because the 19 year old is giving up his partying ways and is reportedly ready to make a “real” name for himself.

Getting into the family hotel business? Nope. Barron has set his sights on a music career and has been working on a album from his Upper East Side apartment. Hilton told Page Six that he plans to become an international singer and songwriter.

“I am sick of all the Hilton stuff, where all anyone ever cared about was whether I was doing coke in the bathroom, of how many (bleeps) I was sleeping with. I am done with partying and traveling. It’s time to get this (bleep) started.”

Barron, who hasn’t signed with a record label, also plans to start his own reality show with Viacom. He is comparing his show to The Hills but is quick to point out that his show will be “real.” He will take the audience through his process of becoming a star – from meetings to the production and recording of his music.

Sorry Barron, but because you managed to say on the down low, the only photo I could find is your DUI mugshot.