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The world speculated that Howard K. Stern aided in the death of actress Anna Nicole Smith. It has been nearly two years since Smith died from a lethal combination of prescription pills and now authorities have filed their first criminal charges in the case.

Stern served as Anna’s lawyer for many years and also claimed to be her lover. Stern was arrested yesterday along with Dr. Sandeep Kapoor. There is also a warrant for the arrest of Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, who is expected to turn herself in on Monday.

All three are charged with a total of 8 felony counts, for conspiracy to provide a controlled substance to Smith between 2004-2007. Other charges include prescribing and or administering drugs to an addict.

Stern and the doctors were arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court where bail was set at $20,000.

Anna died at the age of 39 in February 2007 from an accidental overdose. A few months earlier her 20 year old son Daniel Smith died from a lethal combination of pills while visiting his mother after the birth of her daughter Dannielynn Hope Birkhead.

TMZ is reporting that both Stern and Kapoor were released last night. View their mugshot booking photos here.