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Michael Phelps has issued a second apology for his recent bad behavior. First he released a written statement, apologizing to his fans throughout the world for the “regrettable” bong incident. Now he has filmed a formal apology to the people of China.

It appears it isn’t so much about his continued remorse as it is an opportunity to cement a new $1 million deal with Mazda that prompted the video apology. The automaker is solidly behind the 23 year old athlete and corporate executives are moving forward with their decision to have him promote their products, with one proviso. They felt a taped message to Phelps’ Chinese fans was the right move for the athlete and good for the brand.

Mazda released the following statement: “His expression of remorse and his determination to make amends, and especially his video apology and expression of thanks to the Chinese people, give us confidence that Phelps can make a healthy return to the pool and have even more brilliant achievements.”

Check out the new apology video below.