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Sara Kuszak, a pregnant American tourist who lived in Savannah, GA, was was abducted and killed during a morning jog in eastern Puerto Rico.

Kuszak, who was five months pregnant, was in Puerto Rico with her fiance Cheshir McIntosh, visiting friends whose yacht was at a marina in Fajardo. She called a marina employee from the trunk of her kidnapper’s car, and the employee called 911.

It is assumed that Kuszak was not aware that 911 is the same emergency number used in Puerto Rico.

Police found Kuszak’s abductor after picking up a signal from the victim’s cell phone, which he was carrying. The suspect, who has not been charged, was covered in blood, which he claimed was from a cut on one of his brother’s horses.

Kuszak’s partially clothed body was found in a field about an hour later. Her throat had been slashed.

No further information is available at this time.

photo: Carlos Giusti/AP