Steve LeVeille Returning to WBZ-AM 1030 Newsradio

steve leveille returns to wbz

WBZ Newsradio 1030 announced today that the station has found a way to bring back Steve LeVeille,who had been a talk show host on WBZ 1030 since 1991 before being terminated four weeks ago.

According to WBZ's website, Steve will return to the airwaves in his old time slot next week.   We posted news of LeVeille's sudden banishment from the station on January 2, 2009 and we have been bombarded by a multitude of his loyal listeners who were outraged that such a talent was no longer on the air.

Many told us they planned to boycott.   The radio station likely heard from some of those same people.  At any rate, the station has apparently seen the light and is endeavoring to reinstate LeVeille nearly a month after giving him the boot.

Check out the original story with 166 fan comments.   These people made it quite clear they were not happy and they shared that fact with our readers.  LeVeille fans are likely dancing in the streets after hearing the good news.

Another photo below.

steve has the last laugh apparently