UFO at Obama Inauguration (VIDEO)

ufo at inauguration

Speculation is running rampant after a CNN news clip of President Obama's inauguration aired showing an unidentified flying object zipping across the plaza in front of the Washington Monument.

The video has many wondering...is it a bird, a plane or a UFO?

Well I'm no expert on UFOs or super-secret military aircraft, however, I do know that optical illusions can make you think a lot of things.

Although it was originally reported that the shadowy object flies behind the monument, on closer inspection it clearly flies in front of the monument, which means it probably isn't at large as it appears in the video clip, and depending on the camera angle, could be going much slower than it looks as well.

So here is my expert opinion...bird.

You can watch the CNN video clip below and come to your own conclusion.  The UFO appears at the 11 second mark on the right hand side, zips in front of the Washington Monument and disappears into the clouds.

The original CNN video is provided below, however, from time to time the video is experiencing errors, so we have provided a YouTube copy as well.

Enhanced photo of Inauguration UFO 

cnn inauguration ufo