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Shia LaBeouf and a friend decided to stroll the streets of Glendale, California on Thursday. In an attempt to fool the paparazzi, they fashioned brown paper bags to cover their heads. LaBeouf, in a cagey move, even wrapped a plastic bag around his hand cast.

The photographers were sharp enough to notice the wrist tattoo on one of the masked dudes. Shown in photos below, the tattoo depicts the years 1986-2004.

LaBeouf once showed the tattoo to Diane Sawyer and told her it signified the date span of his childhood. He told the morning show host that he and his father were street performers who dressed up as clowns and sold hot dogs out of a cart. He got the tattoo because he wanted to be reminded of how he got his start in the performance arena.

Be sure to check out a video of Sawyer on GMA earlier this week – drunk.

Photos below.

Photos: WENN