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Last night on the season eight opener of American Idol there weren’t too many crazy things – yeah, maybe a few tone deaf singers. Oh and there was Ryan Seacrest trying to high five a blind contestant. But as far as controversy, not that much. Katrina Darrell raised a few eyebrows at her audition, performed in a bikini.

This is one way to cement your image with all of America! Katrina sang Vision of Love by Mariah Carey and must have pleased Simon Cowell because she got an immediate nod from him as well as judge Randy Jackson. New judge Kara DioGuardi wasn’t so sure about Katrina.

Kara even went as far as to sing the song for Katrina in order to show her the correct way. Darrell shot back, “your demonstration wasn’t any better.” Ouch! Either way she got her golden ticket and one last diss from DioGuardi, who told her that next time she might try performing naked.

Check out Katrina’s audition video below. UPDATE: See her FINALE video with Kara DioGuardi – both in bikini’s.

Also check out Ryan’s high five with a blind man mishap here