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The 66th Annual Golden Globes aired on Sunday night, January 11th on NBC, where Rumer Willis served as Miss Golden Globe 2009. Extra learned of a snafu that occurred on the Golden Globes website earlier in the week that could have been a spoiler

For a short time, the Golden Globes website showed there was a winner in the Best Actress in a Motion Picture category. The winner was reported to be Anne Hathaway for her role in Rachel Getting Married.

The GG folks indicate it was “accidental” and Hathaway’s rep called it just a “glitch”. One might assume, therefore, that the website was being prepared in advance so that it could be quickly published for viewers immediately after the broadcast.

As it turned out – it was just a glitch. The winner was Kate Winslet, who took home two Golden Globes.

Hathaway did win Best Actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday night for Rachel Getting Married. Check it out here.

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Wednesday night it was the People’s Choice Awards. Red carpet here.

Photo: WENN