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Hollywood celebrities pay stylists to tend to their clothing and hair needs in order to look glam at all times. Some of our favorites have obviously given their make up artists the night off by the looks of some recent pics. If you aren’t able to recognize the A-Lister above – it’s Catherine Zeta-Jones.

We’ve broken down our photo gallery into categories. Bad fake eyelashes ala Tammy Fay were spotted on Ashanti and Sugababes Amelle Berrabah. Pink lipstick washed out the otherwise vibrant good looks of Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Lopez.

The horrendous black eye mask was glaringly prominent on Jodie Marsh, Pamela Anderson, Katie Price, Mischa Barton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria Parker. Neon eye shadow was the downfall of Danielle Lloyd, Katie Holmes and Kim Kardashian.

The just plain scary lips prize goes to Paris Hilton in blazing scarlett. The pale face look did nothing for J-Lo and Scarlett Johansson. Looking even worse was Brigitte Nielsen, who erred in several categories and was over the top with her orange face.

Check out the entire photo gallery below.

Photos: WENN