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Celebrities are making the headlines more and more these days and it’s not just for their charity work. Mugshots of big name stars keep making the front page news, which is probably uncalled for but we thrive on the salacious details none the less. Once the sole territory of tabloids and bloggers, it is suddenly headline network news on a daily basis.

Is this a double standard or should the public know when their heroes get arrested? Most recently Heather Locklear graced the headlines for driving under the influence. Ryan O’Neal and his son Redmond were arrested for possession of drugs and then of course there’s George Michael who can’t keep himself out of the bathroom.

When you see these stories, does it make you think differently about your favorite celebrities or do you cut them some slack because they are really just like the rest of us who get caught doing something really stupid from time to time?

We put together a gallery of Hollywood mugshots featuring those who weren’t lucky enough to dodge the bullet. Their crimes range from drinking and driving, caught with drugs, sexual assaults and disorderly conduct.

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