Kid Rock From Singer to Beer Salesman (Photos)

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Bad A!* "Rock and Roll Jesus" Kid Rock put on his white leisure suit and hit the Gibson Amphitheater stage at the Universal City Walk for a live performance last night in L.A.

There is no denying that when you hear a Kid Rock song on the radio you turn up the volume and sing like you have never sung before.  Ok, maybe that is just me and let me assure you I sound just like him!  Anyway, the owners of a beer company believe that the admitted redneck will be able to sell their brand and make them a little moola.

Drinks America Holdings is kicking it up with Rock on the launch of a new premium domestic beer that will hit the shelves next year.  The CEO of DAH, J Patrick Kenny had this to say about teaming up with Kid:

"Kid Rock is a reflection of great American rock-and-roll music and the American spirit, and we think we can create a beer in that certain image.  There is no question in our minds that people will try a beer that Kid Rock will stand by and when they like it, a great and incredibly valuable trademark will be created."

This is going to be big news in trailer parks all over the US.  Bad break for Jessica Simpson, who just released her campaign for Stampede Light Plus beer last month - hopefully this won't sink her ship.

More photos of last night's performance below.

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Photos:  WENN