Ryan O'Neal's Messed Up Family

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Actor Ryan O'Neal was recently arrested, along with his son Redmond O'Neal, on drug charges.  The arrests were made after a routine court sanctioned 'home check' of son Redmond, who is on probation.   Lo and behold, drugs were found not only in Redmond's bedroom but in Ryan's as well.

Now another one of O'Neal's children is talking to the press and not painting such a pretty picture of his family situation.  Griffin O'Neal talked to People magazine saying:

"It's a very screwed up family, if you want to be emotionally healthy and strong, you've got to get out....It's a truly sad situation."

Griffin, no stranger to addiction, says that he is two years sober and currently living with his sister Tatum O'Neal.  Hmm, Tatum - really?  We don't doubt that people can turn their life around but wasn't Tatum arrested in June for buying oh... what do you call it -  CRACK COCAINE!

On a much happier note, O'Neal's lawyer said that the drugs were not his clients and that the actor will be completely vindicated.