What's Up With Nicolas Cage's Hair (Photos)


Nicolas Cage is an accomplished actor, director and producer.  The Academy Award-winner is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola.  He loves heavy metal and was married to Lisa Marie Presley for four months before they called it a disaster.  Speaking of disaster - what's up with his hair?  It looks like a bad toupee that is losing it's grip.

The 44 year old has been busy since his last blockbuster National Treasure: Book of Secrets which grossed $457 million worldwide.   He has completed Bangkok Dangerous, G-Force, Knowing, Bad Lieutenant and is currently filming Astro Boy and Kick-Ass and will soon begin Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Fusion.  Not bad...

The actor has been in the property business of late, purchasing a medieval castle in Germany, a manor on the Atlantic Ocean in Rhode Island, the Midford Castle in Somerset, England, as well as getaway spots in the Bahamas and Nassau.

Now about that hair - you'd think with all that money he could find himself a hair stylist that could come up with something that didn't look quite so monkish.

Check out his photo gallery below.

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Photos:  WENN