Gennifer Moss aka Earth Friend Gen Rollerblades in the Buff

tom mccall waterfront park photo 2

Gen Ross, aka Gennifer Moss Earth Friend Gen, is a nudist in-line skater who hails from California and loves organic food.  She also loves to remove her clothing and rollerblade where people congregate.  The young woman has turned into an urban legend recently in Portland, Oregon.

It seems the California transplant petitioned the local city officials of Ashland, Oregon to skate nude in their July 4th parade.   They turned down her request.  She has since been unable to contain her enthusiasm for nude rollerblading and recently removed her clothing at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland.  She sailed along with a big smile and her face, long brown hair flying behind her.

Most observers seemed to enjoy observing Earth Friend Gen, as she has become known, but a group of construction workers called 911 to report the naked skater.  Police confronted Gen and told her that she must cover her genitalia.  She promptly put on a string bikini bottom and continued on her way, according to police spokeswoman Cathe Kent.

Apparently police continue to receive phone calls from park goers who are not so much offended as concerned for her safety.  Why the construction workers reported the woman in the first place seems to be the $64,000 question.  Clearly they were not your run of the mill variety macho men - it would seem.