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Tamara Hoover made news two years ago when it was revealed that the Austin, Texas high school art teacher had been fired because of topless photos posted on the internet.   The pics were put on flickr.com by her partner and were discovered and reported to school officials who summarily dismissed her because students would now have access to the pornographic material via the Internet.

She got an attorney and fought the charges on the grounds that the nude pictures were not prominently displayed and were an artistic expression protected by the First Amendment.   Her attorney also argued that Hoover isn't the Internet police and parents should be responsible for monitoring children's Internet use.

Their final point was that when the pictures were taken, Hoover did not know they would be posted and therefore gave no thought to the consequences of having the photos taken.  The appeal failed.

Why, you might be asking yourself, are we doing a story on something that happened two years ago.  Interest has suddenly been renewed because PC World did a story on the top 12  photos that should never have been posted online.  On that subject - we invite you to keep reading.

Hoover is not the first to be terminated because of photos that ended up on the Internet.  An Oregon mayor, Carmen Kontur Gronquist was fired for posing in her underwear on the town's fire truck.    Check out former Mayor Carmen photos here.

We've featured multiple stories of fired teachers - check them out below under Related Articles.   By coincidence, we featured a story earlier today about New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes having a road trip fling with a pin up model who posted photos on her website.  Turns out the ball player just got married and the ink hasn't yet dried on the marriage license.  Check it out here.

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