'World's Cheapest Dress' Designed by Sarah Jessica Parker

sarah jessica parker in 898 dress she designed

Sarah Jessica Parker recently designed a summer dress for retail clothing chain Steve & Barry's that has been dubbed 'the cheapest dress in the world' by The New York Times. The flowery sundress, shown above, is not only stylish but is priced attractively at an astonishing $8.98.

Steve Shore and Barry Prevor began their business in 1985, specializing in college-related apparel and private-label casual clothing. They have since evolved into the low price leader and have hooked up with celebrities to develop private label lines. One such label is Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line Bitten. She sells her apparel exclusively through Steve & Barry's and is coming out with a new line of Sex and the City movie merchandise.

Headquartered in Port Washington, New York, clothier Steve & Barry's has 200 stores in over 30 states and advertise that all of their offerings retail for under $10.00. They rely on star power as part of their branding strategy. Nickelodeon alum Amanda Bynes has designed and lent her name to an $8.98 heart print hoodie and New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury helped to create $8.98 basketball shoes.

Though the prices will raise concerns that the clothes are made in sweatshop factories that underpay or otherwise exploit workers, Mr. Shore and Mr. Prevor told The New York Times writer, absolutely not. Howard Schacter, the company’s chief partnership officer, said Steve & Barry’s monitors its subcontractors carefully and demands ethical business practices. The key to its low prices, he said, is a razor-slim profit margin.

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