Barbara Walters Admits to Affair with Senator Edward Brooke

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Barbara Walters sat down with Oprah Winfrey and spilled the beans...literally. Walters admitted to having an affair with Senator Edward Brooke in the 1970's. Why after keeping this secret for three decades would she come clean now? The reason is that she is promoting her memoir Audition on the Oprah Show.

Walters, 78, has lived a very large life and says that it is was very exciting to be in Washington and that she was infatuated with Brooke. The affair lasted two years and the secret was apparently safe until Walters decided to let Pandora out of her box.

Barbara said that it was a well guarded secret at the time because it would have meant the end of both of their high profile careers had the news become public. Brooke was married at the time of the affair. Walters marriage to Lee Guber ended in December 1976 and she reports that the affair ended prior to Brooke losing his reelection bid in 1978.

Walters indicates she found Brooke to be brilliant and exciting.  The couple finally ended the affair out of fear of discovery. She indicates that there were a few people aware of the situation and she received more than one phone call asking her to end the relationship before the situation became public knowledge.

Walters seems like a private person, making this revelation a little out of character. It should be interesting to hear what she has to say on the subject. No doubt the women on The View will weigh in, although they will be wearing kid gloves. Oprah may not be quite as kind.