Tiffany Shepherd Bikini Mate, Science Teacher Fired

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Tiffany Shepherd was a high school science teacher in Florida's St. Lucie County School District until very recently. School administrators fired the 30 year old single mother of three young children. The school board says the dismissal is based upon poor job performance but Shepherd is crying foul.

It all started when the young woman and her husband divorced in early 2008. In order to make ends meet, Tiffany secured a part time job working for Gil Coombes on weekends. Coombes and his wife run a charter fishing boat operation called Smokin' Em Charters. The charter's website offers up charter services for bachelor parties as well as for groups of varying sizes that are interested in inshore and offshore fishing.

Shepherd and a few other attractive women are employed as bikini mates. The women mingle with the paying customers and some are reportedly topless. Tiffany says that she keeps her bikini firmly in place and doesn't believe she is doing anything inappropriate. She makes $600 for two days of fishing, which was more than what she could earn during a full week at her teaching job.

The conflict occurred, according to Tiffany, when the charter service displayed sexy photos of the bikini mates on the website that they use to advertise their business. Shepherd believes that administrators in her school district were put off by her moonlighting and that they trumped up the poor job performance charges as a way to sever ties with someone who didn't meet their standards.

The district indicates that Shepherd missed 30 days of school this year and received two written reprimands prior to being fired. Looks like the young woman will have to take on a few more days of fishing each week in order to support her youngsters, now that the school system has cut her loose.

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Photos of the bikini mates available HERE.