Roger Clemens 10 Year Affair with Mindy McCready Revealed

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Mindy McCready has spent the last several years in and out of jail but is now ready to revive her career and start singing again. As she embarks on a comeback, news has hit the media that she and baseball great Roger Clemens carried on a 10 year affair which started when she was just 15 years old and he was married with two children.

Clemens launched a defamation suit against his former personal trainer Brian McNamee in January 2008 after the trainer made allegations that he and his wife, Debbie Clemens used steriods. The former trainer and his legal team will undoubtedly use Clemens past history to prove that he is an untrustworthy character. McNamee's lawyer said:

If it's proved that he's a philanderer, his reputation is already damaged. When you sue for defamation, you put your whole reputation in the community at issue. Anything is fair game, including his claim of sanctimonious purity. We would cross-examine him and other witnesses who might impact on his alleged behavior. We would probably subpoena her and witnesses who knew . He's a 'family man' - he implies that. It's about what his damages are. All is fair game."

Clemens lawyer, Rusty Hardin has confirmed that there was a relationship with McCready but that it was in no way a sexual relationship and that Roger considered her a good family friend. Clemens wife was apparently well aware that McCready traveled with the ballplayer while he played for the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros.

It should be interesting to see if Mindy McCready sticks with that story or comes up with her own version. She is working on several new projects, including a documentary that begins shooting today in Nashville. Whether these new revelations will harm or hurt her comeback efforts is anyone's guess.

Check out Roger and Debbie below.

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