Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Gary Coleman Getting Divorced


Gary Coleman and his disgruntled bride Shannon Price are thinking about getting divorced. Gary, obviously attention starved, is taking this matter straight to Divorce Court. He's reportedly looking for a little guidance from Judge Toler in hopes of saving the marriage before it's too late.

Too late? Say whaaat? Gary, you lost your virginity to this woman. It is absolutely too late! Shannon claims she didn't know who Gary was when they first met on a movie set. The girl must have been raised in the woods because Arnold, I mean Gary hasn't changed even a little bit.

Evidently Coleman is a head banger, no...not while listening to music. He does it on the wall when he gets mad. Oh, and there is the whole having a kid issue. He is not fond of them.

Gary says he just wants to stay home and play with his train set and isn't really that fond of leaving the house. Sounds like a case of different strokes for different folks - pun intended.

The couple divorced on August 12, 2008 and never remarried though they continued to live together.

UPDATE JUNE 2, 2010 - At the time of his last hospitalization, she made medical decisions that were not hers to make - misrepresenting herself to the hospital staff as Gary's wife.  She also kept his parents away - when they were legally the only one's who had the right to remove him from life support.  The medical examiner's office has reopened their investigation.

Listen to the disgraceful way Shannon Price acted during the 911 call that she placed on May 26, 2010 below:


Photos:  WENN