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Tom Cruise must be taking a page from his friend Will Smith‘s playbook. He has reportedly given his blessing to having son Connor try his hand at the movie business. Connor Cruise appeared in Will Smith’s drama Seven Pounds.

The 13 year old, no stranger to the behind the scenes aspects of moving making, has been hanging out on movie sets with his father and his mother Nicole Kidman since he was a tot.

Cruise’s son auditioned for a role in Seven Pounds and got the part, playing a younger version of Smith’s character. Tom is said to be extremely proud of his son. We half expect to see him jumping up and down on a couch somewhere soon.

UPDATE: August 10, 2009 – Connor Cruise has gotten his second Hollywood acting break. The 14-year-old will have a part in the MGM remake of Red Dawn. Tom Cruise’s son will play the part of Daryl, son of the mayor of Spokane.

The movie was set in the 1980’s and tells the story of a World War III attack on the U.S. by the Soviet Union and their Central American allies. A group of high school students resist their foreign occupiers through their own brand of gorilla warfare.

The release date for Red Dawn is September 24, 2010.

More photos of Connor below.

Photos: WENN, PicApp