President George W. Bush Appears on Deal or No Deal


Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel must hold some clout with President George W. Bush. On Monday's episode the President will make an appearance in honor of contestant Captain Joseph Kobes, a US Army transportation officer.

Kobes has served three tours of duty in Iraq and is decorated with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. The Captain volunteered for his second and third deployment.

The shows producers found out that the President is one of Kobe's heroes and decided to contact the White House. Their efforts paid off because the President took the time to video tape a message to Kobes.

The show will likely hold some very emotional moments for the soldier and his family.  Deal or No Deal is known for digging into their contestants lives in order to discover what means the most to them.   The show often springs surprises on the players - bringing in items that may tempt them to make a deal.

In the video, Bush jokes with Howie about balancing the budget and asks how he would like hosting a three trillion dollar reality show. Tune in on Monday night to see if Bush's appearance proves lucky for Captain Kobes and his family.