Most Seductive Women of All Time (Photos)

Marilyn Monroe has long been considered the most seductive woman of all time. Her photos are legend some 45 years after her death at age 36. Many consider Angelina Jolie to be the modern day choice of most seductive woman.

Lenor Infusions decided to take on the task of creating Britain's most seductive woman by gathering the opinions of many. After reviewing the data collected, Lenor commissioned a computer generated version of Britain's 'most seductive woman of all time'.

They chose to dress their creation in Marilyn Monroe's famous white halter dress, worn in The Seven Year Itch. The billowing skirt has long been remembered for revealing the actresses gorgeous legs.

British readers consider Angelina Jolie to be the most alluring living woman, so her lips were used for their creation. The flowing hair of British model and actress Kelly Brook was chosen, along with Halle Berry's chestnut eyes and Jennifer Lopez's nose. The creation team created a name for their most seductive woman, by using abbreviated versions of these women's names.

We haven't cover all of the bases with these choices so leave a comment if you want to add to the list.

Check out photos of Kelly, J-Lo, Halle, Marilyn and Angelina below. The final photo is computer generated Angelle L Brook, a weapon of mass seduction - British version.

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