Megan Fox Topless in New Film Jennifer's Body (Photos, Trailer)


Megan Fox is currently shooting the new film Jennifer's Body on location in Canada. The script comes from award winning Juno screen writer Diablo Cody. Word straight out of director Jason Reitman's mouth is that Fox will appear nude from the waist up in a scene where she lures an unsuspecting male into the woods. Reitman revealed this information while appearing on The Howard Stern Show last week. The nudity will be discreetly covered by Megan's hair.

The dark comedy and horror flick centers on Jennifer, a cheerleader possessed by a demon who starts feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. Her bookish best friend must take drastic measures to protect their town.

In a freaky side note, did you know that Megan Fox has 'toe thumbs'?  Check the photos out here.

We'll have to wait for photos from Jennifer's Body but we've got a couple you might enjoy below.  Also, check out the very hot trailer from the movie.

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