Amy Winehouse Cancels 2008 Album Release


Island Records executives are fearing they may not get the album they were hoping to release in 2008 from Amy Winehouse. Priorities for the out of control singer are sadly not in the studio.

The record company set up a Bahamas get away for Winehouse, afraid that if she stayed in her comfort zone she would not get anything done. Amy backed out at the last second, leaving Island Records wondering what will happen with the singer since she has not been in to record anything new since her release of Back to Black, almost 2 years ago.

Amy is currently working with pal Mark Ronson on the theme song for the new James Bond movie. Not a multi-tasker, Winehouse isn't good at keeping too many balls in the air at the same time apparently.

Ha! Sources say that the troubled star has taken on a new addiction - ironing. Yep, she can't seem to get things crisp enough. Anything from her clothes, scarfs, sheets and even her towels gets a workout from her iron. In the photo above, it looks like she had the iron too hot and consequently burned more than one small hole in her shirt.

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