Beyonce and Jay-Z Wedding (Photos)


Beyonce Knowles, 26 and Jay-Z, 38 (Shawn Corey Carter) exchanged their wedding vows on Friday evening, April 4, 2008. The intimate ceremony took place in Manhattan at the fashionable Tribeca penthouse apartment of the rap mogul. The photo above might be what the pair looked like at the end of their wedding bash. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for the real deal.

Speculation heightened earlier this week when the couple obtained a marriage license at the Village Hall in Scarsdale, New York. The document mandated that the nuptials take place within 60 days, which had the media speculating that 4 was a meaningful number for the couple who were born on the 4th day of their respective birth months, December 4 is Jay-Z's birthday and September 4 is Beyonce's. They were clever indeed because that is exactly what occurred.

Paparazzi and media spies staked out Jay-Z's neighborhood early yesterday and reported every delivery and the coming and going of people. The guest list included the parents of the bride and groom, Beyonce's sister Solange, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (together! ... hope there's a photo of that), Destiny's Child pals Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Beyonce's minister flew in from Houston to perform the ceremony. He and his wife arrived shortly after 8:00pm EST.

We've got photos that were captured of the activity surrounding the event. A delivery of orchids and candelabra arrived midday. A tent was erected on the roof of Jay-Z's penthouse apartment. In another shot, an overhead camera caught the groomsmen assembled on the roof. We've also included some formal shots of Beyonce and Jay-Z that give you a good idea of how the spiffed up couple might have appeared - until we can provide the real proof of the nups.

Check out photos below - bottom three are thumbnails of arriving guests - all dressed in white. We'll add more photos as they surface.

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gwyneth paltrow in white for beyonces wedding