Mandy Jiroux Racy Photos Make Miley's Look Like Child's Play


Miley Cyrus and her good friend Mandy Jiroux have taken Youtube by storm with the Miley and Mandy Show. It looks like Mandy is going to be the one getting all the attention for a while after these very provocative pictures hit the internet.

Not too long ago we did a story on some sexy photos of Miley and now looking back, boy are they tame. The good thing is that Mandy is of age.

If they were looking to put out some advertising for their latest Youtube gig, I think this will probably do the trick. Billy Ray might want to consider locking up his daughter until she is 18. These girls may be into one upping each other. Bring it on Miley!

Check out some other photos below and be sure to click here for more Mandy Jiroux photos courtesy of our good friends over at Post Chronicle. Scroll to the bottom of their post.

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