Goldie Hawn Without Makeup (Photos)

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn, 62, and her partner Kurt Russell were out for a Sunday afternoon walk near their Pacific Palisades, California home yesterday. The woman still has a tight and toned body - no question about it. Her last movie was in 2002 but she is still very much a part of the Hollywood celebrity scene.

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The normally gorgeous actress was caught without makeup and we just had to share that Kodak moment. Mind you, on anyone else, the face wouldn't be cause for conversation. The fact that the au natural look is on a Hollywood celebrity makes it newsworthy. Check out her facial expression. Her tongue is poised, as if ready to utter an expletive at a member of the paparazzi squad.

Goldie has quipped in the past that she never considered herself beautiful and has an ugly girl's personality. We take that to mean she gets along well with others without relying on her good looks. The outspoken celebrity has always marched to the beat of her own drummer without being overly concerned about what other people might think. Right On.

Check out Goldie Hawn  photos plus a gallery of celebrities without makeup in the video clip below: