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Dakota Johnson, 18, is the daughter of celebrity parents Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. The senior in high school has recently signed with IMG Models and has already landed her first job. She has been photographed personally by Andre Leon Talley for Vogue. Not bad for your first gig.

The young model is 5’9″ and made her first teen splash two years ago when she was chosen to be Miss Golden Globe. The blonde teen handed out the 2006 awards on national television. As a child, she had a small part in one of her mother’s films, Crazy in 1999.

For now, she’s back in Los Angeles, finishing up her last few months of school at New Roads, an alternative high school. She spent 30 days at Vision’s Teen Treatment Center at the end of 2007, reportedly for alcohol and drug issues. We’re not sure what part heredity plays in such things, but both of her parents have spent stints in other treatment facilities.

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