Angelina's Twin Baby Photos Could Fetch $10 Million

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The bidding war to capture the rights to first baby photos of celebrity offspring has reached the point of absurdity. Back in 1989, Lisa Marie Presley was paid $100,000 for first photos of her baby. That now seems like a ridiculously low sum compared to the $1.5 million that was paid to Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera for photos of their new babies.

Trumping the Aguilera and Richie deals by 75%, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were reportedly paid $6 million for a lavish photo shoot of their twins Max and Emme in an over the top extravaganza that had the parents high kicking in their driveway, with her expensive new sports car strategically situated for optimum viewing.

Every baby gift was positioned on various silver trays or antique tables for maximum exposure. The story dropped names and the value of each celebrity gift. Matching baby prams, given by Eva Longoria and her pal Ken Paves were said to be worth $3,000 each. Baby rattles, needlepoint pillows, heirloom gowns, antique cribs were just a few of the props that set the proper scene.

The shoot was said to have taken 12 hours and involved multiple clothing changes by parents and babies. Broken down, J-Lo and Anthony earned $500,000 per hour for a full day of interviews and camera time.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will reportedly be offered up to $10 million for a sneak peak inside the home of the very private couple. A major coup would be to get a photo shoot involving the entire Jolie Pitt clan - which would involved 6 children plus the celebrity couple.

Last go round, Angie and Brad donated the money they were paid for first photos of Shiloh to charity (see photo at top of page). It is likely to be their plan this time as well. The extremely philanthropic couple each donated more than $4 million of their individual wealth to charity in 2007, according to recent reports. Brad's went to New Orleans rebuilding projects and Angelina's to refugee relief funds.

Photos of Brad and Angie's brood are guaranteed to give the highest bidding publication a huge bump in sales that will far eclipse the amount paid for the photo rights. The deal will likely to be sealed well before the babies are born but don't expect to hear about it from the Jolie Pitt camp. They are not prone to telling tales out of school.

We've included exclusive first photos for some of the top celebrities including Brad and Angie, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Melania Trump, Tori Spelling, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren and Salma Hayek. Check them out after the jump.

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