Britney Spears South Park Video


Britney Spears is parodied on Comedy Central's South Park, where she blows her head off with a shotgun after the boys trick their way into her hotel room to snap her photo. A distraught Britney says "You're never going to leave me alone are you?" just before pulling the trigger.

In a news release, a spokesman for the show says,

“Britney Spears is trying to get away from it all in the mountains near South Park when the boys have a run-in with her.”

“Stan and Kyle get caught up in Britney’s celebrity and the never-ending feeding frenzy that follows her wherever she goes.”

The episode makes a strong statement about the way we treat celebrities, even comparing it to human sacrifices of ancient times.In a poignant moment, a doctor finally declares Britney dead and one of the throngs of paparazzi says, "Well, I think it's time for us to leave the poor girl alone."

Watch the entire South Park Britney Spears episode below.

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