Crazy Heather Mills Dumps Water on Lawyer's Head (Photos)


Heather Mills has really lost it. We have seen her in rant mode on live television and in front of the courthouse after receiving $50 million. The gold digging wacko showed her true stripes when she dumped a water pitcher on top of Paul McCartney's lawyers head. Mills was reportedly ticked off at Fiona Shackleton for calling her names during the proceedings. We have before and after photos of the barrister, who was looking like a drowned rat at the end of the hearing.

It must have been a sheer joy for McCartney to have others see the true essence of his demented ex-wife. The court sketch artist captured the scene for the greater audience to enjoy. No report on any sanctions that may have come out of the outburst. She did look a little wild eyed when she stepped up to the microphone to spin her victory. Now we know the reason why.

In a side note, Mills will be serving as a judge in the Miss USA pageant that will be held in Las Vegas on April 11th.

Check out the courtroom sketch after the jump.


crazy heather gives a thumbs up after dousing exs lawyer with wa

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